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In an effort to strengthen their workforce and to improve the access and the opportunities, Malawi has committed to enhancing the quality and coverage of their Technical Vocational Education and Training nationwide.

This strategic direction is well aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 4, which emphasizes the importance of strengthening the TVET sector.  With the support from UNESCO through the BEAR (Better Education for Africa’s Rights) initiative, Malawi has made strides. This includes the piloting of a TEVET-MIS to support the collection, analysis, management and dissemination of TVET data. This project aligns with Malawi’s TVET strategy option for education under the SNDP Vision 2020.

OpenEMIS is being adapted and configured for the TVET sector in Malawi.  This included the configuration of the TVET Education structure by Level, Cycle, Programme and set up of sector-specific Subjects, Certifications, Field of Studies, and Programme Orientations.  The system was configured to capture TVET-specific data on institutions, including special ownership, sectors, providers and type.

The OpenEMIS initiative aims to deploy a high quality Education Management Information System (EMIS) designed to collect and report data on schools, students, teachers and staff.  The overall purpose of the OpenEMIS project is to promote better TVET outcomes through the availability of better data: more timely, accurate and sub-national data for decision-making.

Although the country has processes for data collection, a TVET-MIS will serve to standardize and ensure coverage of data on the sector.  OpenEMIS provides an efficient and effective approach to improving quality and coverage and use of data. This includes data from Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Directorate of Technical and Vocational Training, Ministry of Labour and Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training Authority. The introduction of labour market data allows for enhanced analysis and the tracking of students through training and into employment.

Community Systems Foundation is providing technical support and assistance in the establishment of a TVET-MIS that will act as the repository for all TVET related data. The first phase of implementation will complement existing government programs by focusing on the importance of quality, timely and transparent data for education planning and management.

This project aims to empower TEVET stakeholders with the tools and information to better administer the TVET sector.

At the end of this project, Malawi will be equipped with a system for TVET that will allow them to develop evidence-based policies and plans which will have a direct and positive impact on the Technical Vocational Education and Training sector.


Stakeholders Topics Time Period
MoLYSMD, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Education
Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry
and Trade, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education
Youth and Sports, TEVETA
TVET, Education 2017


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